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Senior Lifestyle Report: How To Simplify Your Life

How To Simplify Your Life by Minimalizing and Downsizing on Purpose


Why are some savvy, sexy seniors choosing to downsize and simplify their lives in a quite purposeful manner? This may include taking actions like moving from a larger home to a smaller one with less upkeep and maintenance. For some, it may mean streamlining down to less possessions, “junk or stuff,” or cleaning out closets and storage units. 

“Downsizing” can have some negative connotations. It may be a matter of necessity due to financial constraints or health issues. But for others, it may be a highly “on purpose” and personal choice that allows them to focus on the things that matter most to them, such as spending time with loved ones or pursuing hobbies and interests. In any case, living minimally is appealing more and more to certain savvy seniors who see the benefits of going more minimal.

Here is a classic documentary below, about how to simplify your life by minimizing and downsizing, which you may enjoy:

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Seniors Ask: Is it Good To Simplify Your Life?

It depends on how much you love your “stuff” and if giving some of it away would improve your life in a measurable way. Simplifying one’s life can lead to a greater sense of freedom and flexibility. When there are fewer possessions to worry about, it becomes easier to pick up and go on a whim, whether it’s a spontaneous weekend getaway or a long-term travel adventure. Seniors can also use the extra time and money that they save to take a course, pursue new hobbies or interests, or to spend more quality time with friends and family.

How Can I Make My Life More Simple?

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